Comet: The Best Television Channel You Probably Aren't Watching

Hey there, SPTers. Long time, no speak? Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Your ol' pal Troy has been slammed as of late with a variety of projects, including a couple documentaries, a couple book projects, and an exciting prospect or two. An unexpected window in the schedule seems to have popped up, so I figured what the heck, send out a quick blog to sing the praises of a newfound obsession.

This holiday season, I was visiting the family back home. My old childhood room still has a small TV with rabbit ears and my wife and I were flipping through channels late at night on New Year's Eve. We stumbled across one of the most bizarre b-movies. It was one of those films that you see 12 frames of in passing and immediately yell, "What the hell was that?" and flip back to the channel it occupied.

The film was New Year's Evil, and it was just exactly what the doctor ordered for a 3am post New Year celebration viewing. But with the discovery of the old 1980 horror film also came the discovery of a new over-the-air network called Comet.

According to the most-reliable resource, the internet, Comet was founded a couple years ago in 2015 but I've just now discovered it. The broadcast channel is airing across the country and their daily programming includes (but is not limited to) cult classic films, b-movies, episodes of The Outer Limits, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the various Stargate television series. Essentially, it's the modern nerd's dream come true. Since New Year's, my wife and I have watched horrible science fiction films. We've endured several takes on Dracula including The Return of Count Yorga and Blacula and its sequels. And of course, every Sunday night, we partake in at least one episode of MST3K like clockwork.

This is the television channel I would have been tuned into religiously as a thirteen-year old. And especially in this day in age, where adolescence is perpetual and nostalgic nerds are being catered to by the millions, it's turned into a station that I'm tuned to religiously as an adult.

And chances are, it's already broadcasting in the airwaves above you at this very moment. Only one way to find it: grab a set of bunny ears to hook into that 4K UHD flatscreen of yours, check the listings here for a channel number, and get ready for grainy 4x3 b-movie glory.

Posted on February 22, 2017 and filed under TV.