You wouldn't tell it by looking at him (okay, you probably would), but Troy is a giant nerd. I mean, you're at a website of his called Still Playing with Toys for crying out loud. The guy is lucky that he found a lady that would marry him! But all kidding aside, here are some of the various side projects of nerdery and geekdom that Troy has done over the years in an effort to be as cool as possible (most of the time under his super-cool chick magnet screenname NetSolo that he came up with on a whim one fateful day registering for America Online in 1995).


Since 1996, Troy has spared a l'll free time to a Ghostbusters fansite called Ghostbusters HQ. Over the years, it has served multiple purposes: as a news outlet, a fan community/message board, and most recently it's been relaunched as an online "magazine" with in-depth articles, analysis, and behind the scenes of the Ghostbusters franchise. Starting in July of 2015, Troy also began co-hosting the Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip, a weekly Ghostbusters podcast that includes news items, interviews, and special segments directed toward Ghostbusters fans. Prior to the relaunch of Ghostbusters HQ, Troy was also the author of a weekly syndicated column, "The Private Sector" which appeared on popular fan sites,, and




A long time ago, in a rural suburb far, far away... Troy wrote a weekly Star Wars themed newsletter called "The Rebel Archives." The service (back in the days of AOL, when lamps were powered with oil!) served as a news update on the latest in Star Wars merchandising and toys when information was scarce and difficult to come across. The newsletter ceased to be as technology was developed that people stopped caring about getting email updates and could get the material instantaneously. But alas, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Troy also signed every email off with the ever-popular ASCII art thusly: MTFBWY! ()()()()==(=========================*