You’re considering Troy for a job or a project and you may be asking yourself, “Why this guy?” Well, in short and at the risk of sounding a little too full of himself, the answer is - - everything. Here’s just a few of the things that he’s capable of accomplishing for you.

Development and Production

Pitch and write/design creative decks and briefs

For the last fifteen years, Troy has put together creative proposals for the major studios, top IP and brands, theatrical and episodic marketing, and more. From turning home entertainment on its head with a Deadpool theatrical and home entertainment proposals to putting together show bibles and sales pitches, he has experience with them all.

Write outlines, treatments, scripts

Need to hammer out a one-pager to sell a concept? A full screenplay or manuscript? Need to write liners for celebrities and talent to tape for promotions? Need copy for a spot? Writing a quiz for kids digital outlets? Trivia tracks? Need a 300+-page video game script that never gets used for a popular Pirates franchise? Troy’s got you. No matter the medium, the format, or the purpose, he can write that.

Develop concepts with writers and directors

Sitting in a spotting session with a director and need someone who can type over 110WPM, while tracking all of the creative conversations and ideas as they fly fast and furious? Troy’s got you covered. Need someone to spark discussion topics to springboard ideas during a brainstorm? He’s done that too.

Budget and Schedule

From full campaigns with production and post to large-scale shoots with a lot of moving pieces, Troy has wrapped his head around the logistics of them all. Need to shoot a six-episode digital series in three days and post it in three weeks? Troy’s budgeted that. Need to put together a short-form narrative in Montreal? He’s budgeted for that too. Troy has experience as a Production Manager in setting schedules, hiring crews, scheduling movement, and getting the job done. Similarly, he’s acted as a Post Production Supervisor scheduling dub stage and color sessions, prepping deliveries to distributors, and tracking incoming visual effects and archival/stock footage shots (yes, on a spreadsheet that he designed).

Field produce and direct

Need someone out in the field to make sure the crew is getting all they need? To be thinking about the edit while the cameras roll? To be throwing stand-up interview questions on the fly? To direct Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada in a conversation with Ryan Penagos about Marvel’s greatest team ups (filmed at the now shuttered Meltdown Comics)? To run from the lawn in front of Hall H back to an edit bay at the Marriott to cut a VNR to release the same day? A corporate reel to introduce Sony’s new production division? Troy’s done all that! He’s directed live broadcasts, short form pieces, a Star Wars-themed pet makeover show, and a CinemaCon X-Men video in which the film’s director had to travel at the speed of Quicksilver (we shot it on a Phantom Flex camera and hired mimes to freeze in place for real-time motion - that was fun).


Need someone with experience shooting on multiple models of Canon and Sony cameras? Something cool happening and you wish you could send an employee at a split second to capture it on film? Troy has you covered. From run-and-gun to lit sit down interviews, to b-roll during production, he’s shot them all.

Having a nimble field producer embedded who can also operate comes in handy to get intimate and candid footage, for example when I was able to jump into a painting booth with a designer at Hasbro for a Transformers tie-in, or follow the cast and crew of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on a shuttle bus and through the backstage labyrinth of San Diego Comic-Con for a Band on the Run-documentary piece. On projects and pieces with maximum security and content protection, Troy can be an embedded one-man band handling everything to four wall anything necessary. He’s Marvel Security vetted and trained, and developed secure encrypted tapeless workflows from the ground up to make sure everything is safe.

(And yes, that’s Troy over Joss Whedon’s shoulder filming.)

Edit and bay produce

Troy can make his way through Premiere, Avid Media Composer, and yes - even Final Cut 7 and X. But knowing his short-comings, he’s also worked with some of the most talented editors in the business to deliver short and long form content. Address and get to the heart of notes. And ultimately elevate what’s in the can for the end product.

Art direct and VFX produce

One of the benefits of having done so much content, interactive content and creating user experiences for home entertainment and mobile platforms is getting to work with some amazing designers. To communicating notes and pushing the design forward to keeping everything neat and organized, Troy’s done them all. On large archival documentaries requiring photo retouches, motion graphics, and titles to VFX shots needed to be sent to third-party vendors. Troy’s also directed and voice-directed several animated pieces for commercial and corporate release. And he project managed and was responsible for arranging the printing of the theatrical one-sheet poster of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City.

Post-Supervision and QC

Pushing content through an online editor, color grading, mix, foley, ADR and all the way through the DCP and mastering process, Troy has delivered multiple feature films and countless pieces of short-form content for a wide variety of outlets: theatrical, broadcast, online, social, and more. He can schedule sessions and knows some of the best in the business to make sure your project is finished on time, on budget, and at the highest quality. (Of note: Troy has an eagle-eye when it comes to flash frames, interlacing issues, and misspelled text-on-screen).

Clearances, Legal and Security

Having worked with some of the biggest IP for some of the biggest studios, Troy already knows some of the potential pitfalls that can arise in the clearances and legal pass. Flagging those issues in advance, working with clearances and legal teams to button everything up, and making sure everything is done and done right is Troy’s specialty. Additionally, because he’s worked with Lucasfilm, Marvel and others, Troy can adhere to and follow strict content production procedures to guarantee all sensitive material, footage, and IP is protected at all times.

Office Management and Admin

Troy has worked as an office runner and production office assistant on multiple projects (read: he’s been in the copy room rattling off sides until the wee hours with the best of them). And he worked for several years as a Producer’s/Development Assistant to Trevor Albert, rolling calls, scheduling meetings, booking travel, keeping phone and script logs, and writing coverage.

Branded tie-ins and promotional partnerships

Hasbro, Zales, Audi… Troy has found ways to create paid promotional content that is engaging and satisfying while also making a branded client happy.

What does this all mean?

Short form, long form, social content, you name it. From a :60 second social product integration to a two-hour doc, Troy’s done it all.

Content and Transmedia

Furthering the Story and the World

Troy has written several books for Marvel, Ghostbusters, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more on the way that continue to cement the canon and build upon the world of some of the largest IP franchises to date. In addition to those published volumes, Troy has assisted in world bible building and exploration to extend universes and branch storytelling avenues through multiple platforms over strategic roll-outs. For example, working with showrunner Chris Carter on creating the official and complete X-Files timeline/episode guide.

Develop partnerships and foster third-party relationships

How can you tie a popular milk-drink in China to a major studio film while also putting together a short-form piece for the filming location in Georgia simultaneously? Troy’s done it. And made everyone happy.

Strategize and plan content roll outs and events

In the current news cycle, strategy in releasing content (and what to release when) is key to generate buzz, while also keeping your project in the back of your potential viewer and customers’ minds. Troy has developed roll-out schedules designed to maximize visibility, while also making the most of the content for the budget.

Web-hosting and Social Media management

Troy was responsible for the daily interaction and updating of the Altimeter Films, Citizen Jane, Studio 54 and Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood social media platforms. In addition, he developed and maintained the Altimeter Films production company website keeping it up to date with screening information, the latest news, and individual project sites. All of this including the graphic design and asset creation for all platforms via Adobe Photoshop.


Just for fun, Troy has produced a podcast with high production value weekly for five years, and has handled all production and post production and front-end UX. Booking and securing talent, and of course co-hosting the show and conducting the interviews. An experience which also led to him utilizing his skills as a field producer to become an on-camera host for Ghost Corps during their premiere livestream and for other online videos.

Things Yet to Come

It will sound pretty cheeseball and like one of those lines that you feed to an interviewer while wearing a suit - but Troy is an incredibly fast learner. Processes, procedures, the latest equipment and techniques, Troy is constantly learning and self-teaching himself as much as he possibly can. So, if among everything above, you found something missing - - there’s a strong chance that Troy can learn it and assist you with it.